/Polytechnic Student Management

Polytechnic Student Management

Polytechnic Student Management

Polytechnic Student Management is a student management web-based system for polytechnic colleges in Bangladesh. Developed by Sors Technology.

This is the first ever online system that is done for all the polytechnic colleges keeping in mind, and it covers all the necessary functionalities required. And this system is already used by Uttara Engineering College and Dhaka Institute of Technology. 

Features included in this system are
Student panel
Student can view attendance, result, and payment

Teacher panel
Add results
Add attendance

Finance panel
receive payment

Admission panel
Add new students

Admin panel
Control all access of users,
Add new staffs
View payment

Generate Student Transcript, Testimonial, Admit Card

If you are not using any online system yet, you can start using this. It’s very easy to use. 

For more information please visit https://psm.sorstechnology.com/ 

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