/Story of Sors Technology

Story of Sors Technology

It all started around 2007 or 2008; I don’t remember the exact year. But I know it started around that time. It was the start of the new year and a new class, and I was in seventh or eighth grade. So on an otherwise bland day, we had a new math teacher came into our class. He asked all of us about our future plans. I told him and the class that I wanted to become a computer engineer, and at that time I was more interested in hardware. Shaown, who was a friend of mine, said he wanted to become a software engineer. After the teacher heard from everybody, he took the time to marvel at my friend’s plan of pursuing the software engineering track. I was amazed as well since I was interested in computers too but I had no idea about the software aspect. Later on, I realized the tremendous potential that software had and made the decision to pursue software development.

I and Shaown were good friends, but after finding out the common interest we started to hang out even more. We had another mutual friend, Tanveer, who was also into technology. Tanveer was a stereotypical nerd; kids used to bully him a lot. This dude was crazy smart, so much so we regarded him as a walking Wikipedia — full of useless information. We’d discuss all sorts of crazy ideas, including virtual/augmented reality. It may sound too advanced considering the time period, but we got some of our ideas from sci-fi movies, e.g., Spy Kids. We also talked about the internet; how can we earn money off of it; how can we make animated films — and all sorts of ridiculous things. 

Soon we decided we should form a company together. We named it 3S Multimedia, the 3S stands for “3 Students”. How brilliant! We wanted to make animation films, so we bought software that lets you create animations, such as, 3D Studio Max and Maya. But the sad part was even though I had a computer, but I didn’t have enough resources, or I wasn’t smart enough to make things work. But we ware excited about our dreams. We had a company and dream, without resources and any plan.

the dream what helped me to come this far, I knew that if I want to live my dream I have to study in Software Engineering. I left that college and friends as well, Though I had communication with them, we didn’t follow up with our company. Even though we didn’t do much with the 3s multimedia, But I knew this is what I want to start again, in 2009 I started using the internet, and I started using facebook, So in facebook, I used to say that I work in 3s multimedia company. I was learning things, and I was busy with the study. Everyone was focused on different things. And eventually, all of us forgot about the company. 

10 years later in 2019, the idea of 3s multimedia came to my mind again. And I contacted my other two friends. And let them know that I am reopening 3s Multimedia, but I need a new name, after a few weeks of thinking, me and shown came with Sors Technology. And I registered the domain for the website.